Ethereal Mechanics (EM)

The Simplest Theory of Everything.

Everything is explained in terms of simple mechanics to include Time Dilation and Length Contraction (plus others that Relativity missed). There is no need for voodoo physics with silly singularities, probability superpositions, entanglements or spooky actions at a distance.

From simple models of matter that explain the origins, and deaths, of galaxies, to work-arounds that allow Faster-Than-Light star ships. EM explains both the large scale, and small scale that Relativity and Quantum Mechanics can not.

This science was developed over that past 25 years by Robert J. Distinti M.S. ECE




In 1994 I reasoned that Faraday's "Law" was an incomplete explanation of induction. After running some experiments, I discovered a more fundamental model of induction that is now called New Induction (NI) (for more history see New Electromagnetism (NE)). The new model for induction implies a new model of magnetism (New Magnetism (NM)) which lead to a new suit of models called New Electromagnetism. From New Electromagnetism a hypothetical model of matter was obvious. This model of matter ( which has been greatly improved in recent years) explains that matter is a construct of charged particles and the phenomenon of inertia (what physicists inappropriately call mass) is the electromagnetic induction between the charge particles. Since inertia/induction is a state of a system of charge particles, the particles themselves can not have inertia. These inertialess charged particles are called Pretons (the term massless particles is used in the older papers). This disambiguation between inertia and matter is implied in Einstein's Principle of equivelence where it is claimed that weight and inertia are equivelent. Humanity disambiguated weight from matter centuries ago. If weight and inertia are equivelent, then both must be disambiguated from matter. Ethereal Mechanics completes the job of disambiguating inertia from matter. A task that Relativity and Quantum mechanics will not survive without major revisions.

From the disambigution of inertia it became aparent that weight and inertia are not just equivelent, they are essentially the same thing, electromagnetic induction. Weight is the force acting on a body in a gravitational field and is called the gravitational force for succinctness. Gravitational force and Gravitational field are are two seperate phenomena. A gravitational field is caused by ether accelerating toward a massive object and the force acting on an object caught in the accelerating field is the gravitational force which is electromagnetic induction (inertia). This was the first ever unification of induction, inertia and weight. This was the birth of Ethereal Mechanics and it is captured in the legacy paper called New Gravity (ng.pdf). Ethereal Mechanics (EM) continues this work by explaining what this medium is, why massive bodies must consume it, and where it goes. The medium was given the name Ether; however, it is very different from the Luminiferous Aether model of antiquity. This new Ether model is dynamic and is able to explain Stellar Aberration and the Precession of the orbit of Mercury more precisely than Relativity. Further more, EM explains all of the other mysteries that Relativity can not. For example, EM explains why all planets orbit the same way around a star and why stars orbit the same way around a Galactic core. It also explains why planetary and galactic systems are mostly disk shaped (it also explains the few exceptions). Furthermore EM explains that black holes are NOT singularities, but rather Mother Nature's way to store matter very efficiently in an inert and very compact form. Black holes are the seeds from which galaxies are created and the garbage collectors that collect up the aftermath at the end of a Galaxy's life to be recycled into a New Galaxy later. Black holes are both the beginning and the end of Galaxies (the Alpha and the Omega).

The predictions about the origins and nature of the universe are astounding, but of no relevance if humanity does not survive itself.

The most important aspect of EM, for the immediate term, is that the mechanisms of Length Contraction and Time Dilation ( A misnomer) are explainable in terms of simple mechanics such that work-arounds will make Faster-than-Light star ships a reality. Furthermore, the Ether is the fuel that allows matter to exist in the forms that are important to us (Matter is not the perpetual motion machine that physicists would have you believe ). This means that as we learn more, we should be able to tap into this fuel to power our star ships (or whatever).


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Main Sequence Papers

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EM01: Transvariance (TV)

Transvariance uses a high-fidelity computer model of the Michelson-Moorley experiment to show that there is alot more going on than is accounted for by Relativity. Objects in motion (translation) experience variations such as Time Dilation and Length Contraction. For simplicity these are called transvariances. The Computer simulation shows that more than length and time are needed to vary in order to get a proper outcome of the Micheslon-Moorley experiment. This is the opening Salvo which will rock the world of physics to the core.


The link is to the .pdf version of the transvariance paper which is formally copyrighted and on file with the U.S. Government. The PDF contains links to youTube videos which demonstrate the simulations. Patreon Engineers have access to the source code for the simulator and Patreon First Class passengers have access to the executable

The Transvariance PDF

Comming Soon(after Electrogravity paper) : Transvariance Videos for Patrons only


EM02: Electrogravity (EG)

The Unary Ether models are developed to provide a simple coherant model for Gravity which demonstrates all of the phenomenon to include Planetary precessions, Stellar aberation, Black holes, Galactic shapes and life cycles. The paper uses high fidelity computer modeling to show phenomenon that cosmologists have yet to even consider.

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Expected Release Date Summer 2020

Click here for Legacy Paper NewGravity


EM03: New Electromagnetism V5 (NE5)

NE Version 5 opens the gateway into a completley new scientific relhm. Patreon members have already seen glimpses of this new rhelm. The novel Spherical field models of NE3 and NE4 are verified for completless with a novel Rail Gun design. Then they are updated with new scientific definitions for physics that are completely definable in terms of Charge/Space/Time eliminating ambiguities and rediculous circular definitions (Patreon members see New Energy Paradigm). For example, Force is now defined as square amperes. Finally, the V5 models are writen using Vortrix Algebra (see link in support section below) which eliminates missing operators in vector algebra that have been holding us back.

Work Begins Summer of 2020


EM04: Pretonics and Matter (PM)

Pretonics is the study of Pretons and Pretonic fields.  Matter is composed of a second order systems of Pretons  (SOSOP).  The behaviours of these system synthesize all know properties of matter to include Energy, Inertia, Gravity, as well as electric and magnetic fields, etc.       

 Release Date TBD


EM05: Ethonics and Light (EL)

A more fundamental model of ether (ethonics) is developed which explains how the structure of ether supports the propegation/conveyance of pretonic fields.   This paper goes on to explain that Light is actually a gravity wave (I was the very first to make this claim -- first released in the final video of the foundation series) it will be proven in this paper with very simple models.

Release Date TBD




This is the primary objective

Release Date TBD


See the YouTube Teaser (link below) where it is shown that we must break 500 times the speed of light or kiss our retarded monkey asses goodby!

Teaser: 500x or DIE  

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Vortrix Algebra (VA)

An improvement over vector algebra which includes a deterministic vector multiply and divide. This is the only body of mathematics that properly reconciles that vector products result in matrices thus providing the only non-imaginary solution to sqrt(-1) (the GA solution is shown to be gibberish). VA is the unification of all mathematics and is a suitable replacement for vector algebra, quaternions, GA, complex algebra and basic arithmetic (VA in 1 dimension).

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The Scientific Rules of Acquisition (ROA)

Scientific reasoning and logic is improperly taught to scientist and engineers (if at all). Most falsely believe that if experimental results agree with a theory, that the theory must be true and irrefutable. It is this kind of wrong thinking that stagnates scientific progress. The Rules of Acquisition will blow your mind at how much the scientific method is still hamstrung by arcane and tribal thinking.

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The Foundation

This is how it all began

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Review of Competing Theories

Discussion of a broad range of topics from the subtle flaws of General Relativity to the insane clown world that is Quantum Mechanics.

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Distinti's World

I see many things differently than the rest of the world. Here are some of them. I add to this when Ethereal Mechanics is slow.

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