Foundation Series

This is the video series that details the Foundational work done for Ethereal Mechanics (including experiments). It starts from logic that inspired New Induction (New Electromagnetism) through to introductory Ethereal Mechanics.

This page also contains (or will contain when its done) the resources for the software and other items needed to execute the experiments that are shown.

Warning: I do plenty of yelling and cussing at the incompetence of Physicists. This is normal because figuring out the way nature works is their job. Because they suck at it, I have to do their job (without pay) just so I can do my job.

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Play List

#1: The introduction which is essentially the same story as above


#2: Experiment #1 The Quad Loop Experiment (Theory Part 1)


#3: The Quad Loop Experiment (Theory Part 2)


#4: How to Build The Quad Loop Experiment


#5: How to measure the Quad Loop Experiment.


#6: The Quad Loop Experiment Data Review


#7: Rhombus Experiment Theory


#8 How to Build the Rhombus Experiment


#9: Measuring the Rhombus Experiment


#10: Rhombus Experiment Data Review


#11: Finite Element Simulation of Rhombus Experiment


#12: (emf003) Induction disambiguation -- model for light


#13 (emf004) New Electromagnetism


#14: (emf005) Relativity Covariance ..


#15: (emf006) New Gravity and intro to Ethereal Mechanics



Software will be posted here shortly (if not remind me)