About Distinti

Robert Distinti is a polymath. Expert in multiple disciplines and proficient at many others. There are so many awesome and beautiful things in the world.



I am a disgruntled engineer. As an engineer, my job is to use the tools of mathematics and the laws of physics to develop fantastic machines; however, I can't do my job because mathematicians and physicists are unable, or unwilling, to do their jobs (they have "dropped the ball"). All of this is described elsewhere so will not be covered here.

Experience has taught me that everything has a simple, and rational explanation; however, humans gravitate toward irrational, fantastical explanations because they are more exiting (endorphins at work I suspect). This same tendency makes humans build pyramids as a testament to their cleverness, when a simple hole in the ground is what protected the Pharaoh Tutankhamen, and his treasure, bringing him immortal fame that the pyramid builders would envy. This irrationality is present in physics as they talk in terms of "Grand" Unified Theories, Quantum Entanglement and Wormholes to other dimesnions; whereas, Ethereal Mechanics is simply just going to break the light barrier. Engineers broke the sound barrier and we will break the light barrier too -- we have to!

I am a polymath, Everything is interesting to me, every year I strive to teach myself something new. Right at this moment I'm learning web page design ( I realize I suck at it now, but I'm always improving)


  • Microwave Holography
  • Electromagnetic fields and waves
  • Antenna and Propagation Theory
  • Parallel Processing architectures and programming
    • Invented the multi-core processor
    • US6144327
  • Software Engineering
    • C#, C++, CUDA, Assembly, Many Others
    • GUI design
    • AI
  • Embedded System design
    • Hardware and Software
  • Image and Signal Processing
  • Prototyping
  • Analog circuit design
  • Microvolt-circuit design
  • Physics
  • Physical Simulations (FEM and Fractal EM)
  • Mathematics
  • Ballistic Physics
  • Navigation
  • Expert Marksman Pistol and Rifle
  • Master Sailor
  • Technical Writing
  • Photography and Processes
  • Solar Design and Install
  • Coexisting with Cats



Education + Day Job

  • University of Connecticut B.S. EE 1990
    • Specializing in Instrumentation/ Precision measurement
  • Fairfield University M.S. ECE 2007
    • Specializing in Electromagnetic Physics
  • U.S. Army Field Artillery School
    • Enlisted '83
    • Officer '91
  • Worked most of my career at small companies that did state of the art development for larger concerns that include IBM, NASA, Transwitch, Dictaphone, etc.
  • For the Last 15 years I have worked for an aerospace company as a senior SW engineer. This prevents any conflict of interest between my personal work (in physic and electromagnetism found here) and the work that I do for them. I will not disclose the company I work for because it is not allowed for employees to use the company name in any personal work. There is very good reason for this.




  • High Voltage Circuit Design
  • History
  • Military History
  • U.S. Constitution
  • Coffee roasting
  • Coffee growing
    • Expect first cherries within a year
  • Home Improvement
    • Plumbing
    • Tile Work
    • Carpentry
    • Tile work
    • Drywall
    • Painting
  • Cooking



  • Web Page Design
  • Bootstrap
  • Spelling
  • Making youTube videos that don't suck.
  • Communicating with Patreon Subscribers

Other Interest

  • Literature
  • Sci-fi
  • Art

Bucket List

  • Learn the guitar


My Commitment

Ethereal Mechanics (EM) is the number one commitment in my life. All decisions and actions are to support EM. The number one source of funding for EM is my day job and so that is priority number 1. I have been trying to develop a Patreon Subscriber base to replace that income to allow me to work on EM full time but have not been able to draw enough support as yet. I have installed a battery based solar system to prevent loss of time due to the many power outages experienced in the mountains here. I take all my vacations at home to provide extra time to work on EM. I have put off serious dating for 20 years to complete EM. To be clear, my devotion is to find the best explanation of everything. If I could find a counter example that would demonstrate the non-feasibility of EM I would walk away without prejudice or remorse (I would be free of this burden). I scour the Internet for counter examples that can't be explain by EM and only seem to find more confirmation of it (The Pioneer anomaly); although, quantum-entanglement seemed like an EM killer, it eventually turned out to be complete gibberish once I had found a proper explanation of the experiment and the real results. EM is now the only unified science that explains both the large and the small and it is the only science that is in position to save the human race.