Please Support, Your Future and Mine are intertwined!

I don't expect to make money with this, as soon as EM/NE/VA gain a wider acceptance, I expect scientists and engineers to propel this work forward with resources and man power that I just don't have access to. Thats when the fruits of your (and my) investment will be realized as new technologies blossom forth like you have never seen before. At that time I will ask subscribers to cancel their subscriptions. I expect future income from lectures, product endorsements, etc.

How To Support? See Bottom of Page.

I have already invested heavily in terms if time, money, and personal sacrifices, a little help from others would be welcome. Over the past 25 years I have devoted every ounce of free time and over $200,000 (conservative) to purchase equipment, software licenses, parts etc. I have sacrificed promotions (more loss of income) and relationships because this project is about making a better future for myself and everyone. Presently my full time Job is the primary source of income fueling this project but subscribers are increasing-- thank you.

The longer term payout of our investment involves survival. The Earth's resources are not unlimited, sooner or later the Human population will outstrip the capacity of the Earth. The only solution to the long term survival of the human race is the Distinti Solution. That Solution requires the construction of Starship to move 90% of the population to other worlds. The UN Agenda 21 solution require 80 to 90% extermination of the human race and it is only a temporary solution. See all the details here...

Why am I asking for help now? In the past, discoveries came at a slow rate and so the limited time I had to devote to this was sufficient. Now that the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place faster and faster, I'm overwhelmed. I need to be able to shed the full time Job to free up the time to make this my full time job. If enough people contribute a few dollars a month, then I could make this my full time job. Better, with enough subscriber income, I could hire people that are better, than I, at making videos allowing me to concentrate on the job at hand.

Also in the past, there was allot of uncertainty, I only had a small foot-hold on this uncharted territory and was not sure where it would go or how long it would take. I turned down investment offers from friends and family because I could not guarantee anything. Today, that is different. Recently I had a third corroborating discovery that matter is a second order system of Pretons (inertia-less charged particles) and that Inertia and Energy (classical) are just states of that system. Matter is fueled by more fundamental form of energy that we need to figure out how to access.

Let's be clear! This is about the truth! If I encounter evidence that I'm on the wrong track, I will correct the theories and models wherever possible. If the counter example is untenable, then I will honestly come forward, declare the problem, cancel all subscriptions and the project. For example, Quantum Entanglement was a threat until I proved it to be gibberish, This is about survival, not pride. You can't survive or be prosperous with gibberish.


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