The Distinti Solution

The Earth does not have unlimited resources. There are only two solutions to support the Human race in a sustainable capacity. There is the UN Agenda 21 which requires a 75 to 90 percent purge of present human population (shown below). The second solution is the Distinti Solution which is to develop FTL star Ships and move 90% of the population off the Earth (along with as much biodiversity as possible). The UN solution is only a temporary solution because we still have all of our eggs in one basket such that one Plague, one asteroid and it is all over. The Distinti Solution requires that we break the light barrier by a factor of 500. Physicists say that this is impossible; but every time a physicist has stated the something was impossible, an engineer found a way.


Play List

#1: Trailer video T1: The Distinti Solution: 500c or Die

I made this video based on reasoning that resources will not last forever. This is the solution. The next video, I actually did an estimate to learn that we are actually on borrowed time.


#2: Trailer Video T3: We are unsustainable without OIL

On a lark, I did a sustainable estimate of the Earth and determined that we can only sustain 20% of present world population (80% reduction) if OIL runs out. But the quality of life would not be worth living. So a 90% reduction would be comfortable and give more margin. After this video was made, the UN finally published their estimates for Agenda 21 which require a 75% reduction for sustainability. Most people completely miss the point of this video. It is NOT ABOUT ENERGY or SPACE TO HOUSE PEOPLE. Its about FOOD PRODUCTION. We can only sustain present population levels because of the 10 fold improvement in food production resulting from chemicals and products derived from crude oil (using OIL for energy is a waste). The products include Fertilizer, Pesticides, Preservatives, Packaging, Refrigerants, Antibiotics, Antiseptics, etc. Some products help improve yield, other products reduce waste from spoilage or vermin.


#3: Supplement T3A: Land Usage for Food

shortly after making the T3 video, information was published of land usage in the United States. It show the majority of land use for food production is for raising live stock. Maybe this is the reason why the UN started an initiative to make us Vegan. Converting that land to Crops would be a more sustainable usage. This is why we need the get off this rock-- I'm not giving up cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets.


#4: Trailer Video T4: How to Purge 90% and look like the Hero

If I fail and am not able to develop technology that will ultimately lead to viable FTL drive, then how would a 75% to 90% reduction be implemented? Think about how you would do it?