Vortrix Algebra

Vortrix Algebra (Vector Matrix Algebra) is an improvment over standard vector algebra. Standard vector algebra is missing vector division. Having a multiply (product) without a divide is like having a top without a bottom. The existing vector products (Dot Product and Cross Product) produce ambiguous results which do not contain enough information to invert the operation (to divide). What Many have failed to realize is that the legacy cross product is only valid in 3 dimensional systems. This lack of a complete vector product and corresponding inverse product (divide) hindered my work in New Electromagnetism. Vortrix Algebra is actualy the second evolution of the effort to provide a complete set of operators for vector algebra. The effort was given the code name "The New Math Construct" because I did not know what it was going to look like. The first release was called Q-Algebra which provided satifactory results. Q-Algebra was abandoned because it violated the 17th Rule of Acquisition (it had ambiguities). The latest incarnation is called Vortrix Algebra. It is perhapse not the final evolution of the New Math Construct; however, it does not violate the Rules of Acquisition and is complete enough to begin incorporation into Ethereal Mechanics.

The paper (in PDF from) is available below.



The Paper Version 1.3

Vortrix Algebra verson 1.3 pdf