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Next Release:

The first paper of Ethereal Mechanics. Is next in the pipeline for release.  This printed version of this paper will be $99.00.  May have a downloadable version for less.   

Expected release date has not been decided.  I'm working overtime time at my day job and don't have much time to devote.  Things are progressing -- ever so slowly.


New Releases:

20 July 2008  This is the last free release:

7 July 2007

25 May 2007:

  • My Graduate Thesis: neThesis.pdf:  NE provides the only valid solution for circuit inductance
  • New Electromagnetism documents re-released for NE version 3 ( v3)
  •     ne_intro.pdf
  •     ne.pdf <-- This is a main entry point
  •     ng.pdf
  •     nia1.pdf
  •     nm.pdf       






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