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New Electromagnetism (NE) version 3 (V3) is the result of many years of research by Robert J Distinti. 


Charge-Force forms






New Magnetism




New Induction



NE was developed to explain observed phenomena which is not explained by Classical Electromagnetic Theory (CE) such as:

  1. CE does not provide induction among point charges (see ni.pdf).
  2. CE provides no valid solution to compute the self-inductance of a conductive structure (see neThesis.pdf)
  3. CE fails to predict certain simple experiments (see the_secrets_of_qvxb.pdf)
  4. CE predicts over unity (see displacement_dilemma.pdf)
  5. CE predicts the existence of DC transformers (see nm.pdf)
  6. CE contradicts itself (see maxomis.pdf)
  7. For a complete list see Anomalies and Paradoxes of CE apoce.pdf

 NE has evolved over the years.  The present version is version 3 (V3) models.  For a brief introduction which leads through the different versions please see ne_intro.pdf.  also see our publication pages for a complete list of available documents.

NE provides the most complete accounting of electromagnetic phenomena.  NE also provides a hypothetical solution for the unified field theory.  This theory suggests that gravity, induction and inertia are all the same phenomenon.  See ne.pdf then ng.pdf .

Robert J. Distinti

Received his BS E.E. from University of Connecticut in 1990 and his Masters in E.C.E. from Fairfield University in 2007.  His Master's Thesis uses New Induction to compute trace inductances neThesis.pdf .



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