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Suggested Reading order:

If you are classically trained (Maxwell's equations et. al.), you should start with the_secrets_of_qvxb.pdf then continue with ne_intro.pdf.  These documents will introduce the rest of the papers (all can be found at

New Electromagnetism V3
ne_intro.pdf Introduction To New Electromagnetism: Shows the evolution of New Electromagnetism from the version 1 (V1) equations to the V3 equations.  Explains why New Electromagnetism is important and how it is different from classical theory.
ne.pdf New Electromagnetism: This is the V3 version main paper which laces together the theory and concepts of NE version 3 (NE V3).  Includes Hypothetical applications which show the derivations of electron mass, Einstein's Time Dilation, and E=MC^2 from New Electromagnetism.  

The V1 version is found in (\v1\ne.pdf)

nm.pdf New Magnetism: Derives the New Magnetism model from the Binary Mass Particle (See the_secrets_of_qvxb.pdf for alternate derivation).  Shows application to include homopolar generator as well as rigorous proof of the new model.  Experimental proof of the new model is found in the Paradox 2 experiment shown further down.
nia1.pdf New Induction Applications Volume 1: Focuses on mutual inductance to include parasitic coupling between loops and parasitic reflections form ground planes (including dual conducting planes).  Dipole antenna coupling is treated as a simple case of mutual inductive coupling and produces better correlation to actual measured patterns than Maxwell's plane wave solution.
neThesis.pdf New Induction Applications Volume 2: (My Graduate Thesis).  Trace Inductance of PCB and IC traces are computed to a high degree of precision.  NE provides the only non-singular solution.  Shows that all prior attempts using classical theory are invalid.  Shows only known solution for computing the inductance of a PCB trace sandwiched between two conductive planes.
ng.pdf New Gravity: A Hypothetical application of New Electromagnetism which suggests that Gravity, Inertia and Induction are the same force.  Derives Schwarzschild radius.  Faster than light starships are considered in the conclusion. 
ne_hydrogen.pdf Compute the mass of a hydrogen atom using New Induction 
Older papers These are older papers which I have not had a chance to revise yet

ni.pdf  The very first paper

Newindarg.pdf: an argument for New induction based on reciprocity

ni_neumann.pdf: compare the Neumann equation to New Induction 

ron.pdf:   A set of checks use to validate hypothesis -- This needs major revision but there are good arguments-- To add: Adding machine analogy, No-overunity



 Paradox2 Experiment: The Paradox2 Experiment is a device that supports the existence of the new term of New Magnetism (nm.pdf)

This is NOT over-unity or free energy -- this is just an experiment that support New Magnetism.  This experiment can not be explained using classical theory.

paradox2.pdf The description of the experiment which can not be explained by classical electrodynamics
Build_pdx2_book.pdf How to build the paradox2
pdx2_dimensions.pdf The dimensions of the version that I built.
pdx2.mpeg An MPEG movie showing the device operated forwards and backwards showing DC voltage being produced.
pdx2_no_mag.mpeg An MPEG movie showing the device operated with the magnets removed.  This shows no voltage produced.  This is done to prove that there are no stray reasons why the device develops voltage.  That the magnets are key to the operation of the device.


 Classical Theory: These papers detail paradoxes and anomalies with classical theory. 

apoce.pdf Anomalies and Paradoxes of Classical Electromagnetic Theory:
the_secrets_of_qvxb.pdf The Secrets of QvxB:
classfluxan.pdf Classical Flux Anomaly:  Faraday's law requires flux lines to violates Amperes Circuital Law.  A new model for induction is derived from F=QvxB.  It is show than Faraday's law is a subset of this new model and this new model is a subset of New Induction.
displacement_dilemma.pdf Displacement Current Dilemma: Maxwell's Displacement current is analyzed a number of different ways.  One method of analysis suggest that the displacement current term causes Maxwell's equation predict too much magnetic flux which results in an over unity condition.
homopolar.pdf The Paradox of the Homopolar generator is explored.  This paradox is resolved in New magnetism (nm.pdf)
ind_jackson.pdf The Closed form solution of the inductance of a loop is shown the be an invalid application of classical theory.  NE provides that only valid solution (see neThesis.pdf)
maxomis.pdf Maxwell's Ommision ( this may in fact be Heaviside's ommision)
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