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The Arbitrary Inductance software allows you to compute the inductance of arbitrary inductors.

This software uses New Electromagnetism and the techniques developed for my Graduate thesis

The Manual



This software was developed on Windows XP machine.  It should work on any version of Windows (would not try it on anything older than windows 95).

250 Mb Ram or more.

Pentium III or better processor.

Only takes up 7MB of Hard drive space.

The software files (all software is found at

How To Download the files that are listed in the manual (This is different from manual)

If you have windows XP or a WinZip license, then extract the files from this Zip file -->

If you don't have either of the above, then you must follow this long procedure to get the files.

1) Create a directory on your hard drive (example c:\arbi)

2) Right click on the arbi.zzz file and select "Save Target As" you will get a dialog box like this.

3) Change the filename to arbi.exe!!!!

4) Then click save

5) Using explorer, double click on arbi.exe (this is a self extracting zip file)

6) You will get the following security warning; click run (unless you are afraid).

7) the Self extractor will run producing the following dialog box.

8) Use the browse button to change the "Unzip to Folder" to a directly of your choosing. (example c:\arbi)

9) Then click the Unzip button.

10) You MAY get the following (seems to occur if extracting to a pre-existing empty directory).  If so, just click NO.

11) Upon successful completion you will get the following 

12) You are done installing

13) To run, use explorer (see below) to navigate to the location where you extracted the files and double click (run) on the ArbInd.exe file.

arbi.zzz <-- Self Extracting Zip file (need to rename as .exe to run it) <-- Standard Zip file

This software can run from a USB (ThumbDrive) drive. 


To Uninstall: simply delete the directory from your hard drive.  This software does not affect your windows installation in any way (that I'm aware of).




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